Monday, March 9, 2015

Mommy Mondays

Mommy Monday - Family Time vs. Technology 

Monday through Friday you'll probably find me glued to my computer and/or my phone working, networking, and all that jazz. I absolutely love my job and I'm incredibly grateful to be able to work from the comfort of our home, but my job doesn't necessarily start at 8am nor does it end at 5pm. Sometimes my day starts off before 7am and I'm still working way past 9pm. While I do take multi-tasking to a whole other level, I've realized that it's very important to balance things out. 

It's vital to take time to focus on family.

I found that I was getting extremely stressed out trying to juggle doing homework with the boys, working and doing a million other things all at once. On top of that, I absolutely hated missing out on some of our weekend activities, because yes, I'd have things to work on.

We're a family that loves doing things on the weekends. Whether it's going camping or to family parties or whether we just want to be lazy and binge-watch a series, we love doing things together

There were moments where I found myself missing out because I had to get some work done. I needed to use my computer (a massive problem when camping) or you'd find me texting like a maniac with authors and bloggers or sending out emails from my phone (again, not the easiest task when camping at a place with little or no cellphone reception). 

Truer words have not been written. 

Slowly, but surely I've learned to manage my time better. I've also learned to limit myself with work on the weekends. If I absolutely have to work, then I will, but now that's very unlikely. I re-organized my days (Mon. - Fri.) in such a way that unless I have to work on a Saturday or a Sunday, you won't find me even near my computer. I even tend to leave my phone laying around and politely ignore any and all text messages, calls, and emails.

My focus has been 100% on Jeff, the kids, and Harley, and let me tell's been WONDERFUL. We've done SO much and I've been able to fully enjoy myself without the stress of having to leave early (or not go at all) because of having to get 'this or that' done or constantly reminding myself to make a call in a bit or send out an email, etc.

Family time will always come first.

So my advice today would be: put your phone down. Stop texting so much or fussing over the social media. Go outside and enjoy the day. Be silly. Laugh. Play. Take pictures. Create new memories. Kids are kids only once. We won't get these years again, so we might as well make the best of it now.  

Happy Mommy Monday!

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