Monday, April 27, 2015

Mommy Mondays - It is okay to take time for YOURSELF.

Kids are in bed and while you are exhausted, you still have to clean the kitchen, do the dishes, fold laundry.... Sound familiar? Yep. We've all been there. Whether you have a baby or older kids, we've all been there.

When you have kids and a job, your daily to-do lists may at times seem endless, and some of us really stress when we don't get everything done.

But guess what?

That's okay.

Sometimes, it is absolutely necessary to ignore the rest of your list and take time for yourself. Here's the thing - you deserve to take the night off. You work hard all day, every day. You have gone above and beyond. You've earned time for you.

There is always tomorrow and today's chores can very well wait. We're human. We need time to recharge. Being tired and stressed, puts us all in a bad mood, so leave the dirty dishes in the sink, leave the laundry unfolded... they're not going anywhere. Go take a warm bubble bath...enjoy a glass of a book. Anything YOU want - do it.  It's YOUR time. Enjoy it.

Monday, April 20, 2015

✰ Book Review ✰ LEARNING TO MOVE FORWARD by Cynthia P. O'Neill

Author: Cynthia P. O'Neill
Series: A Learning Series #3.5
Genre: Contemporary | Erotic Romance
Grace Hart was a force to be reckoned with. She’d fought hard in her life to overcome hurt, rejection, and humiliation and won. Her only fear was opening her heart to love. She put up a persona of dominance and kept people at a distance, in order to avoid emotion. But, secretly she craved someone to take control and move her forward in a life she seemed to be stuck in.

Jonathan Waters never believed in love at first site, even scoffed at his brother Garrett, having fallen in love with his wife Laurel at first glance. But, when Grace entered his restaurant, he knew he had to make her his, no matter what it took.

Fate would force them together, but could they overcome issues in the past to secure a future together? They say love can conquer anything, but can it help them Learn to Move Forward?

Learning to Move Forward is installment 3.5 in A Learning Series and focuses on Jonathan and Grace, secondary characters in the first 3 books. While this can be read as a standalone novel, I recommend you read books 1-3 first (Laurel and Garett’s story) since ALL stories are wrapped up in this one.

“Why the need to be completely perfect in a flawed world?”

Grace was far from perfect and that was a battle she had been fighting all her life. Her parents and childhood friends expected nothing but perfection from her. After a tragic car accident, Grace’s life changed forever. Losing her hand proved to be a bigger challenge than she ever imagined. It caused all her insecurities and doubts to re-surface, and ignoring them did her no good. They caused her to have issues with Jonathan, but being the amazing man that he was, he stood by her side and along with Laurel and Garett, convinced her to get help…to seek therapy.

Therapy wasn’t easy for Grace seeing as she had to re-live those dark moments in her life. With the love and support from Jonathan, she faced and overcame her inner demons. Jonathan proved his love for her time and time again and I loved how much he loved her. Her fears of not being good enough were all put to rest, slowly but surely. Jonathan and Grace’s love was one that would last a lifetime. If you are in the mood for a quick-ish romance with a few steamy scenes, then pick this one up! A great addition to A Learning Series!

My mind was befuddled from the passionate kiss Jonathan had just laid on me.  It took me a couple of minutes to get my focus back.  “I wanted to speak to you about the restaurant.”

“Okay?  What about it?”  He sat down with a curious smirk on his face.  He knew I didn’t know much about running a restaurant, though I’d helped out a time or two when he had some staff out due to illness.

I straddled his lap, which caused me to gasp, when I felt his stiff rod poking my crotch.  “I was wondering which you enjoy more, working for Garrett or working here?”

His hands came down on my hips and he rocked up into me, causing me to gasp.  “I like both, but lately I seem to enjoy the contract negotiations at Waters Medical Industries.  Why?”

Two could play this game.  I ground down against the bulge in his pants.  “Have you ever thought about keeping the restaurant, but promoting one of your chefs or staff to be a manager, so they’ll have to deal with some of the problems and not bother you as much?”

He leaned forward and plastered my neck with gentle kisses and swipes of his tongue.  “I’ve tossed around the idea, why?”

I rubbed my chest against his, feeling my nipples harden as a result.  “What if you promoted one of them, but maintained creative rights and ownership of the place, plus you gave them a small stake in the restaurant?  It would probably boost moral, make for fewer missed days, since they’d all have a small piece of the pie, so to speak, and have to work more cohesively as a team.”

What he did next happened so quickly, I didn’t have much time to react.  He locked the door, had my pants, and his, off, and had me splayed out across the desk on my back.  “Grace, I want your arms above your head.  Grab hold of the desk, if you can, and don’t let go until I tell you to.”  He reared back and in one quick thrust he’d pushed balls deep into my pussy.

His lips came down hard on mine capturing my gasp.  “I need you quiet, love.  This is a restaurant after all.”

This wasn’t making love, like we’d done earlier this morning.  This was hard, fast, dominant fucking.  He set a pace that had my body whimpering with the need to release.  “No coming until I tell you.”

Damn, him!  I needed to come, now!

Learning to Trust #1 -
Learning to Let Go #2 -
Learning to Love Again #3 -

MEET THE AUTHOR: Cynthia P. O'Neill 

I grew up in a small town in South Florida called Clewiston and moved to Central Florida to attend college. I married my friend, love, and soul mate and still reside in the area with our amazing son, and a feisty, four-legged little doggie boy.

In my books, I draw on my background in healthcare, business, and science, along with my husband's engineering and wireless technology knowledge.
I currently write on all levels of Romance. The Learning Series is for those who like a little more steam with their books, falling into the categories of Contemporary and verging on Erotica, with a hint of Suspense. The Remembrance Series encompasses Young Adult, with a touch of Paranormal activity and a hint of Historical romance. A new contemporary romance series is underway, called Need. It will be different than the others, because each book will focus on a new couple, while all of the characters will still have a large presence throughout the series.

I try to make my writing very personal and close to her heart. Regular life is the inspiration for my books, but I'm only limited by imagination taking ideas to new heights, opening up possibilities that would normally not exist.

On a more personal note...I love to cook and create in the kitchen and on the bbq grill. I sometimes lose myself in a song at the piano. I often sing with my son while we are driving or making dinner together. I enjoy crafts (flower arranging, making wreaths, painting pottery, needle point and drawing in pencil and charcoals). My music tastes are eclectic at best, ranging from classical piano to hard rock/heavy metal. It all depends on the song, group, and if it has a good beat or is a soulful ballad.

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Sunday, April 19, 2015

Happy Sunday!

This morning, I came across this picture/quote on Pinterest and I absolutely loved it.

Count your blessings instead of focusing on all the bad things going on in your life. Be positive. Choose happiness. Sometimes we spend too much time complaining, and while that is completely normal, it also drains us. Everyone has problems, some bigger than others, but all important nonetheless. However, how we handle our challenges is what matters. That is what will 'make or break' us. Either we see them through and learn from them, grow as human beings, or we let those problems over-power us, beat us. 

Take a step back. Breathe. Re-evaluate the situation and see how you can make the best of what you have. Don't focus on the bad, but rather realize, you have more GOOD in your life. 

Count your BLESSINGS. 
Happy Sunday!

Thursday, April 16, 2015

✰ Book Review ✰ UNPREDICTABLE by CA Harms - 5 stars!

Author: C.A. Harms
Series: The Key West #1
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Have you ever wished for a moment that you could pretend to live the life of someone else? Escape the harsh reality that your own is anything but perfect?

Quinn had always been forced to put her own needs last. With an absent father and a mother who drowns herself daily in a bottle of Rum, there was no other option.

Jett was the distraction she needed, even if it was just for one night. A void filler, a chance for a freeing moment to allow herself to feel something other than emptiness.

He wasn’t what she expected…


Her life didn’t have room for a man like Jett.


But now it was too late, there was no turning back.


Nothing would ever be the same.

“You were unexpected. Our first encounter was completely unpredictable…”

CA Harms is one of my all-time favorite authors and with each book that she writes, it solidifies it even more. Unpredictable was AMAZING. Jett was delicious and Quinn was so strong despite all the things she had been through. This book was written very well, the character development was on point and the plot flowed effortlessly. 5 out of 5 stars!!

“The desire to have her again was almost unbearable. I had never before had such a problem with getting things I wanted until now.”

One of Jett’s qualities that I loved so much was the fact that he wasn’t an overly controlling man where Quinn was concerned. Yes, he was alpha, but he was also patient – not a pushover by any means, though. You see, he gave Quinn her space when she needed it, but he was also persistent when she needed a little push. In my opinion, he had the perfect balance between a sweet and understanding guy and a dominant alpha male. Simply put, Jett was DELICIOUS.

Quinn had A LOT going on in her life and the last thing she needed was a distraction. She did not have the time to fall in love. But then….where love is concerned, when do we ever get our way? Quinn was fighting a losing battle. She and Jett were inevitable. They were bound to happen sooner or later. Especially after that first night….

“That night was not a mistake. It wasn’t wrong. I know you feel the same way. Something that felt that amazing can’t be a mistake. For some reason, though, you want me to believe you regret it. Why?”

 So much happened! Misunderstandings, heartache, angst – oh my! I was HOOKED and in love with not only the characters (all of them!) but the story line as well! Gah! Really. CA Harms nailed it! I highly recommend this book to anyone that loves a passionate romance with steamy scenes and a swoon-worthy male lead! FIVE STARS!!!!

It’d been two days. Two days of unanswered calls, unanswered texts. Two days of driving by her house day and night, only to find it empty. I spoke with her boss at Spencer’s, and he too said she had taken some time off. 

With each day my heart sank a little more with the thought that I had thrown away the best thing that had ever happened to me. This was on me, completely. I acted like the biggest dick when I should have just talked to her. 

“Hey, numb nuts, you still pouting?” Kade shouted as he exited the French doors onto the back patio. 

“I need to change my locks,” I grumbled. Resting my head back against the chair, I closed my eyes, attempting to block him out. 

“Don’t blame me for your massive amount of shit. I’m just here for the pool—oh, and the free beer.” He chuckled as he pulled his shirt up and over his head, then took off and jumped, cannonballing into the pool. 

“Whew,” he yelled out just before hitting the water. The cool splash flowed backward, drenching the entire patio. All I could do was shake my head at the ass. He was doing everything possible to pull me from my slump. I picked up my phone and checked once again for any response only to come up empty. 

“Give the girl some time. I know it’s driving you crazy, not being able to fix this, but you need to try to give her some space.” 

Kade climbed out of the pool, shaking his hair, once again spraying water in every direction. Cocky son of a bitch chuckled as I jumped from my chair and stepped back.

C.A. Harms is like any other addicted reader. She enjoys happy endings and HEA love stories. She hasn't always been a lover of Romance and had once been addicted to a good Mystery. Just recently she has taken on a new liking and now is a full blown Romance novel addict.

She lives in Illinois and enjoys spending time with her husband and two children. You will always find her with her kindle or paperback in hand as it is her favorite pass time.

Social media links:

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✰ Book Promo ✰ Monochrome My Madness by A Giannoccaro + GIVEAWAY

Author: A. Giannoccaro
Series: Colour Series, Book 2 ~ Standalone Novels 
Genres: Dark Romance | Romantic Suspense | Erotica 

“If you love something, kill it. Before it kills you.”

I am a villain, a monster and am here with a plan to execute. She is not part of my plan. She is poison and she is going to kill me.

I will let her, because my broken black heart beats with love for her.
~ Callum

Death follows me like a shadow creeping silently after me, tethered to my blackened soul. I am cursed to carry it with me everywhere I go. It is never far away from me, and I am perfectly happy with that. The dark shadow of death keeps me alive in this rotten fucking world.

Light through the grey shadow changes everything. It changes me.

He took my madness and broke me. I am going to kill him.
~ Shannon

Are you ready to love and let die with Callum and Shannon?


***Exceprt from Monochrome My Madness – Unedited and subject to change. Copyright © A.Giannoccaro 2015***

★★★ Not suitable for readers under 18 and may contain triggers ★★★
A prologue to the madness

There was a time before this time my demons were too much to bear.

My head is pounding and my mouth feels like I ate a bowl of cotton wool for dinner. As I pull my naked self up on the couch, I can see the carnage of my night all over the apartment. The glass coffee table that should be in front of me is shattered into a million tiny pieces on my carpet that is now blood stained. I look at my hands and I just know. I swallow the dryness in my mouth and stand slowly my bare feet crunch and slice open on the glass. I don’t feel the cuts and splinters because my mind is racing full speed to what will await me when I find the person I brought home last night.

Why do beautiful girls seek me out? Do they not sense the danger? I thought girls had a sixth sense about these things?

The morning sun fills the room as a soft breeze blows in off the bay and through the open balcony doors. I can see the one glass door is shattered and the light is fractured as it shines through the cracked pane. The ocean air is cleansing and fresh in my lungs, and it eases some of the heat that sweats out of my naked skin.

I slowly step over the debris that litters my home and the dread becomes worse. I stop when I find my cell phone on the passage floor and type a text to Rowan.

Come now.

I know whatever I find will not be good, the absolute destruction around me is worse than I have ever seen before. What have I done?

I step over woman’s underwear that is shredded into pieces as I walk down the dim passageway into the aftermath of my actions. I step over more glass and the contents of a ladies' handbag, her lipstick, tampons and credit cards scattered across the white tile floor of the passage. Every step I get closer to facing the reality of what I did. Again. I step on her key chain and pain shoots up my leg. Fuck me that hurts. I kick the offending keys out the way they skitter across the floor and land against the wall.

My phone vibrates in my hand, I don’t look at it, I know it is Rowan with a slew of curse words and a message that he is on the way. Again.

I can feel my heart beating in my chest and my hands are shaking, this has to be the worst I have ever woken up to. I see theblood spatter on the wall outside of the guest bathroom and the first flashback crashes into my pounding head and consumes me.

My hands on her throat, as I slammed into her against that wall, her head hitting it over and over. I raped her sinful little body. The wailing cries that escaped her as she begged me, pleaded with me stop. I didn’t stop abusing her body or her mind. The blood smeared down the wall as she sank to the floor and sobbed before I dragged her to my room by her arm.

I cannot control it when this happens. Sweat beads down my chest as it heaves with apprehension at what I am going to see in my room. What I did? This blind rage towards woman, the lack of focus and the fact that I lose touch with reality completely is making me worry for the first time ever. I know I have something wrong with me, but no idea what or how to fix it. I am fucked up, broken and useless. I need help! Where the hell is Rowan, he needs to get here.
I slowly push the door of my bedroom completely open and brace myself for what I will see. I blink my eyes closed and open them slowly to take in what the monster within me has done – this time.

Draped across my white bedcovers that are now spattered and soaked with blood is the body of a beautiful young woman. She isn’t moving and I instantly run to see if she is alive. Please tell me I haven’t murdered her. I don’t want to start killing them. I just hurt them, hurting them helps. It fixes me. She is facing down in the sheets and her back, thighs and ass are a bloodied mess where I took to them with my belt. Her hands are still bound behind her back with a cable tie and the blood has dried where it has ripped into her delicate skin.

I try to breathe in and out, but it feels impossible the smell of blood is ripe in the air. I roll her limp body over so that I can see the face I have destroyed. She is unrecognizable my fists have melted her face into a mass of bruised broken flesh. I am sick, I did this and I don’t even remember it all. I feel her neck for a pulse, it is there, but so weak I can barely feel it. I sit on the edge of the bed hangmy head in shame and try to forget that this is what I do. Over and over, I hurt these women I need help I need to stop.

I hear the front door slam closed, thank God, Rowan is here. “Callum” he yells to find me. I cannot answer I know he can see the carnage as he walks through my home.
“Callum what the fuck!” I hear him yelling again. I just sit there naked, ashamed and completely fucking broken. I can hear him mumbling at someone on the phone. Cleaners, he will get them to clean, but what can I do with her. She is never going to be the same.This one cannot walk away and try to forget.

When he does eventually enter my room, he ignores me. The girl is his first stop I watch as he checks her pulse and shakes his head. He looks at me with that look, the look that says I have disappointed him again. Then pulls out his silenced gun and shoots her in the head that I smashed in over and over again. She is gone in second, he doesn’t even flinch or blink, she is just another number to him.

“I am not letting her live like a vegetable you fucker! Get dressed! We need to talk.” Rowan spits his words out glaring at me his anger is just a simmer he can control it so well. I cannot.
I take a shower and wash the dead girl’s blood off my body, I can hear the shuffles and gasps of the cleaners outside the bathroom door as I try to wash away the evidence of my madness. The water can clean my body, but my mind is so dirty I don’t even want to think.

I find Rowan in my kitchen barking at the men he uses to clean up after a kill, he is usually a lot less messy and this is a big job to fix. He eyes me with the blue eyes that have a hell behind them and shakes his head. “Callum, this is the last time. That in there, that was too far. What is going on? You cannot do this forever! Someone will catch you.” I run a hand over my beard and try to think what caused it, I don’t have an answer, I never do, it just happens.

“I have someone coming over to help you. She is a doctor, well a shrink; she is also a customer of mine so she knows what kind of people we are. You will listen, you will talk and you will do whatever she fucking says or I will end this. I will end you with a fucking bullet Callum. Rape is filthy fucking crime I want nothing to do with. Are we fucking clear?” Rowans deep voice bellows through the hollow kitchen and vibrates in my ears, he doesn’t make threats if he says he will kill me, he will.

I met Dr Janet that afternoon. She saved me from self-destruction; she fixed me, not all the way, but a little. I never had to call Rowan to clean up anymore. I still lost it, but never all the way. The pills and the therapy keep me from madness. Dr Janet made me into a controlled monster that could learn to run an evil empire and plot and scheme and plan.

Now after eighteen years I am home, no Dr Janet, no medication and a plan to end every single person that shares my filthy dirty criminal blood. I am here to take what is mine.

There is madness in me again and I need to set it free.

Colour My Ugly # 1 -

Meet the author: A. Giannoccaro
I live in South Africa with my husband, two daughters, five dogs, two meerkats and a parrot. I love to read usually about three books a week, and my kindle(s) are my favourite gadget. Colour My Ugly is my first book but there are so many more to come. 

I am a coffee addict and I hate purple sweets. 
I love to write next to an open window. And my desk is wherever my kids are at so I don't write in one place.

I am inspired by everything around me and I love to people watch wherever I go.

I love the beauty and flaws of my country and chose to set my stories here.

Social media links:
Instagram: @mrsgiannoccao

 FOUR WINNERS!! 1 grand prize and 3 smaller prizes up for grabs! 
★★★WINNERS MUST be willing to provide the author with a PHYSICAL MAILING ADDRESS (NO P.O. BOX) since the author lives in South Africa and has to use a courier.★★★  

Grand prize: ONE WINNER. Signed Paperbacks (Colour My Ugly + Monochrome My Madness), book bag, Monochrome My Madness mug and poster (see pic) (MMM book not included in pic)

3 smaller prizes: THREE WINNERS. Monochrome My Madness Poster and Mug


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✰ Cover Reveal ✰MORE THAN WATER by Renee Ericson

This cover is absolutely stunning!! 

Author: Renee Ericson
Genre: New Adult Romance
It doesn’t feel right. It doesn’t feel wrong. It just...feels.

EJ Cunning, an art history major, dates musicians. Foster Blake, a chemical engineering major, can’t sing a tune. They’re not each other’s type. They’re coworkers.

Then, one night leads to sex—sex between friends—which leads to an agreement. It all seems so simple—but nothing ever is.

Many layers build a person’s facade.

Look into the depths for what’s hidden within.

It’s more than water. It’s a story—a living and breathing substance beyond the reflective surface. 

RE Creatives

Meet the author: Renee Ericson

Renee Ericson is the author of the These Days series.

Originally from the Midwest, she now resides in a small town just outside of Boston with her husband and three children.

Most winters, Renee can be found on the slopes of the White Mountains skiing with her family. During the summer months, she likes to spend every spare minute at the beach soaking up the sea air. All those moments in between, she is talking to imaginary characters and caring for her children.

Connect with Renee: