My Story

Welcome, everyone! My name is Lydia and I'm in my late 20's. I'm in a loving relationship with my soulmate, Jeff, who's blessed me with two amazing boys, Blaize and Kiefer. I'm a spanking new stepmom and I figured I'd blog about our journey as a new family. I'm an avid romance reader and one of two book bloggers over at HEA Bookshelf. My passion for books inspired me to start my own literary publicity company, HEA Book Tours, PR & More, where I do all kinds of PR work for authors. I absolutely love taking pictures and documenting new memories.

Motherhood, Books, and More Blog is a collaboration of my love for reading, family life, fun projects, and all the laughs along the way. I want this to be a fun place to discuss motherhood, kids, books, and anything family oriented.

I've come across SO many sites and blogs where the women are incredibly talented at crafts, baking, and basically, everything, to the point where I've been left speechless at the wonders they create from scratch. Well, MY posts will be about my learning experiences on my journey through motherhood.

Laugh with me, join my adventures, learn with me. Come along for the ride.

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  1. any advise for an big reader who is looking to start a Blog.
    thank you