Monday, September 8, 2014

Shh....don't wake up dad!

Every night that we have the boys with us, Jeff tucks them in and we both kiss and hug them goodnight. Well tonight, while I was doing the dishes, Jeff went ahead to tuck them in. As I was cleaning, all I kept hearing was "Shh...don't wake up dad!" followed by both boys giggling. So there I was wondering just what in the heavens was going on.

As I finished up in the kitchen, I went over to the boys' bedroom to kiss them goodnight and walked into something that was beyond me. Jeff was fast asleep on Blaize's bed and both boys were on Kiefer's bed giggling as they watched one of their Disney Channel shows on Netflix!!! What!? How did that happen?? Weren't the boys the ones who were supposed to be in bed?? Ha.

Both boys looked at me with these "Oh, crap! We got caught!" looks and I couldn't help but laugh. And again....

"Shh!! Don't wake up dad!"

As I reminded them that it was bedtime, they both begged (with puppy eyes) for me to let them finish up the show while I showered. After laughing at their pleading looks, I told them they had five minutes and then I was waking up dad and they both had to go to sleep.

Gosh. I love these silly boys!! This, as simple as it was, made my night.


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