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Book Review: "Meeting Miss Mystic" by Katy Regnery

Series: A Heart of Montana #5
High school principal Paul Johansson has never been lucky in love, which is too bad, because few men in Montana are more naturally romantic. Then his friend Maggie signs him up for Internet dating, and while Paul is initially furious, he’s soon blown away by Holly Morgan, a blonde, blue-eyed art teacher from Connecticut. She might just be the girl of his dreams.

Zoe Flannigan—aka Holly Morgan—totally forgot about the account she set up two years ago on In fact, after an accident that left her physically and emotionally scarred, she hasn’t been up for meeting or dating anyone. Until she meets Paul who is handsome, sweet, and too-good-to-be-true. But while the built-in anonymity of the Internet offers a buffer, she can’t hide in cyberspace forever, either from Paul’s expectations or herself. There’s a journey she must take, and at the end of it will be a love as beautiful and boundless as the wide Montana sky.

A Heart of Montana is one of my favorite series and Katy Regnery quickly became one of my favorite authors. She has such a beautiful writing style that always captivates me and hooks me from beginning to end. I always connect with the characters and their stories. I’ve loved all of the installments in this series and if you’re a fan of sweet, pure, and heartwarming romances, I highly recommend you buy all of them. Meeting Miss Mystic, book five in the series, was Paul and Zoe’s story. We had previously met Paul in the other books and I am extremely happy to see him FINALLY get his happy ending.

“…and just as he’d always known: nothing – not a little distance or a very unconventional meeting – could stop the course of true love.”

Unconventional is definitely the perfect word to describe how Paul and Zoe’s relationship started, but Fate doesn’t always do things the “normal” way either, does she? Paul had horrible luck where love was concerned, so Maggie, his best friend, intervened and created a profile for him at an online dating site. To say Paul was less than excited or thrilled when he found out, would be an understatement.

Zoe had completely forgotten about her old account on where she had created a profile under the name Holly Morgan (her middle name and her mother’s maiden name). Two years ago, Zoe was blonde with blue eyes, happy, and scar-less. Now, after a horrible accident for which she blamed herself, Zoe had dyed her hair black and was wearing brown colored contacts. Zoe thought she didn’t deserve happiness, so she surely didn’t deserve to look “shiny” and pretty, which is why she changed her appearance.

The last thing Zoe ever imagined was meeting a wonderful and hot man like “Principal Paul”. Once they began chatting, they automatically liked each other. They made each other laugh and finally, feel happy again. They gave each otherhope. But one thing remained…. Paul didn’t know about Zoe, or rather, Holly’ssecret. He didn’t know Holly looked differently than she did on her picture and he certainly didn’t know that Holly’s real name was Zoe. And so, Zoe took matters into her own hands and booked a flight to Montana with plans of coming clean to Paul face-to-face.

Of course, things didn’t go as planned. A LOT happened once Paul met Zoe. He felt like he’d seen her before….like somehow he knew her, but he couldn’t place it. The only thing he did know was that he felt something for Zoe.

“Meeting you…knowing you is like finding something that I thought was lost.”

The more time they spent together, the more difficult it was for Zoe to be honest about EVERYTHING. While it wasn’t her intention to lie to Paul, she was too afraid of losing him. It was that fear that held her back each and every time she meant to tell him.

I was SO nervous anticipating Paul’s reaction. My heart wanted them to be happy, to finally get their fairytale. They both had suffered so much heartache that they needed – they deserved – true, genuine happiness. And be still my heart!!! They sure got their #HEA in true Katy Regnery fashion!!!

I’ve said this before and I will say it again. I absolutely LOVE Katy’s writing style. She always manages to make me feel all fuzzy inside. Heck, she makes me want to move to Montana!! Her books, to me, create an environment where I want to sit in front of a fireplace and read all day long while drinking hot cocoa. They’re true beautiful romance novels that I will always HIGHLY recommend.

Five wonderful stars!

“I love you Zoe Holly. I love all of you.”

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