Monday, March 30, 2015

Mommy Mondays - "Being the CRAZY mom"

HAPPY MONDAY!!! It's New Mommy Monday today here at #MBMB!!! And I am proud to welcome again my friend, Jodie Ellis! :) She will be talking about the importance of standing up for your kid's health, regardless if you drive your doctor insane. It is IMPORTANT to be sure and safe, rather than sorry!

And I 100% agree!

Being the "crazy" mom

 First off I just want to say that my little man, Macon, is 8 months old today! Boy, time is flying by. I do miss him being my tiny little baby but it's amazing to watch as he grows and learns new things. The last few months have been a little challenging on the mom front. You know what the worst thing about being a mom is? Seeing your baby sick and not being able to help them understand. 

At 6 weeks old, Macon had his first double ear infection. At 6 months, after being sick with a cold for a while that the doctors told me not to worry about, he developed his second double ear infection. The second infection was worse. That cold that I didn't need to worry about had caused the ear infection. When we saw the doctor for the cold, she had suggested giving Macon a small dose of Benadryl just to help with allergy issues. So we did. The Benadryl gave him a tummy ache which led to us having to use gas drops in nearly every bottle he had. I didn't like that, so we discontinued the Benadryl use. A few days later he had been really whiny and not himself so we went back to the doctor which is when we found out about the second ear infection. She gave Macon antibiotics and a cough syrup with a decongestant in it since he couldn't handle the Benadryl. He was also dealing with a nasty yeast rash under his neck and we got a cream for that too. The last day of the antibiotic cycle, Macon wasn't any better so we took yet another trip to the doctor. His ears were STILL infected. The doctor gave us an even stronger antibiotic and scheduled a follow up appointment to make sure his ears cleared up after those meds. Thankfully at the recheck, his ears looked perfect. This past Friday, two and a half weeks after the recheck, we went back to the doctor because I was worried about his ears. He had been grumpy again, pulling his ears and just didn't feel good. His ears were fine thank goodness! The doctor thinks growing pains, teething, or nightmares is contributing to his restlessness and grumpiness. Since the yeast infection is still hanging around, we got a new treatment plan for that while we were there and it seems to be working! 

When we arrived in the doctors office, I told her that I felt like a crazy mom. You know, the one that always thinks her kid is sick and seems to be at the doctor more than at home. My doctor told me at the age that Macon is now it is always better to be safe than sorry. 

It occurred to me that there are probably a lot of moms out there that are afraid of being labeled as the "crazy" mom. But there's no reason to worry about that. Your infant can't tell you what's wrong. You, as a mother, are your child's only advocate when they can't let you know how they feel. Trust your motherly instinct. You know when something isn't right with your child. Just trust that gut feeling and if you come across a doctor that thinks your crazy, get a second opinion! Never apologize for trying to get help for your children when you think they may be sick.

With love, 


Can we just take a second and admire how ADORABLE Macon is?? I mean LOOK AT THAT FACE!!!!!! LOL!! Way cute!!!

Thanks for yet another amazing post, Jodie!!!!

HAPPY MONDAY, everyone!

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