Friday, January 16, 2015

Yoga time!

Approximately two years ago, I tried yoga for the very first time. While it was hard at the very beginning, the overall feeling after my body got "used to it" was SO worth it. I felt more energized, relaxed and at peace with myself. I was less stressed, had way less anxiety, I wasn't physically hurting (I suffer from back pains!) and my body was much more flexible.

Unfortunately, life got in my way -- I had to move several times -- and I really did not find the time to keep up. Lame excuse, I know... 

During the past two years, I tried to do yoga a few times, but I never really committed to it. However, this week I made myself a promise to start (from the very beginning, slowly going into it) and actually stick to it. Well, long story short, today I came across this video and gave it a try. 

I absolutely LOVED it.

It's yoga for beginners and while you feel it working, it's really a good introduction. Adriane from Yoga With Adriane slowly introduces you to different poses and takes you step-by-step. If you're just starting out, like me, then I really do recommend you subscribe to her channel and give her videos a try!

Now, I'm NOT claiming to be an expert or anything remotely close....I've literally just started doing this and figured I'd share with you all. :)

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