Friday, November 21, 2014

✰ #FREE eBook! ✰ "Scarred by Love" by CA Harms

✰✰ #FREE eBook! ✰✰

Ohmygoodness! This morning when I started reading Shattered by Love (Scarred by Love #3) by Author C.A. Harms, I was a little bit under 20% into the book. Well, holy awesomeness, Batman!!!!! For the life of me, I could NOT stop reading!! In fact, I accidentally FINISHED THE BOOK!!!!!!! This is definitely the type of series where each book gets better and BETTER. Wow. I seriously LOVED it. You should NOT pass out on Max & Bree's story! 

Shattered by Love ($3.99)→

★GREAT NEWS!★ You can start this amazing series for FREE!! Book one, Scarred by Love, is currently FREE!!! 
These books can be read as standalones, BUT I would recommend you read them in order. <3

✦ Scarred by Love Series ✦ 

#1: Scarred by Love: (Zander & Riley) ★✰★ FREE ★✰★

#2: Broken by Love: (Carson & Kate) ($2.99)

#3: Shattered by Love: (Max & Bree) ($3.99)

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