Sunday, November 30, 2014

Christmas is here!!

To say that I'm excited for Christmas is probably THE understatement of the year! To top everything off, Jeff and I are DONE with Christmas shopping! Yes, DONE. We got the last few things we wanted for the boys during Black Friday and now we get to relax!! We took the "big presents" over to Jeff's mom's house because yes, the boys LOVE searching for the gifts!! But...too bad for them, we out-smarted them. Hahaha!!!

Our house is decorated and ready for Santa!!! Even Harley helped out! Ha!

Most of these decorations were purchased at the Dollar Tree store for yes, you guessed it, $1!! I just added my personal touch to each.  Easy and cheap DIY projects! And the pine cones were collected during our hunting trip! The boys picked them out and they helped me "glitter them up"!

This year, we went with the colors blue and silver (with a touch of white!) in honor of the Detroit Lions!! Yes, in this house we're fans of that team, more so Jeff and Kiefer, but it's a Detroit Lions house nonetheless!

Like I said, even Harley helped. LOL!

And finally...after almost 3 whole hours....we FINISHED!!!


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